SUBARU Confidence in Motion

The Out Back Boxer Diesel Lineartronic.

"Long Long Trip"

Anywhere, everywhere

New Lineartronic + BOXER DIESEL, offering seamless acceleration and high efficiency

Lineartronic keeps the SUBARU BOXER DIESEL in its most efficient power range, but the engine is also capable of delivering a phenomenal punch, as it develops peak torque at low engine speeds.

This combination means less stress for the driver, and more time for them to enjoy their journey. The smooth, smart SUBARU BOXER Diesel engine and intelligent noise insulation also help to reduce unpleasant mechanical sound within the cabin.

Efficient and fun

Powerful, efficient and environmentally-friendly, all in one

At the heart of Outback is SUBARU's renowned BOXER DIESEL engine. Designed to operate exceptionally clean, the engine's common-rail fuel injection and Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) help to minimise emissions and

deliver great fuel economy, while the use of a variable nozzle turbo generates remarkable power. Longer journeys are so easy with such superb fuel economy.

110 kW (150 PS) / 3,600 rpm
350 Nm (35.7 kgfm) / 1,600 – 2,400 rpm
5.9 lit./100km*1 (6MT)
6.3 lit./100km*2 (Lineartronic)
155 g/km*1 (6MT)
166 g/km*2 (Lineartronic)
  1. *1 Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: According to EC715/2007-EC566/2011F.
  2. *2 Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: According to EC715/2007-EC630/2012J.

Smooth driving

New Lineartronic redefining drivability

The Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission makes acceleration so smooth, and long drives a breeze. Lineartronic comes with special control technology that automatically switches between variable control and stepped control in tune with accelerator

use for simply stunning performance. In addition to automatic gear shifting, a 7-speed manual-mode with paddle shifters on the steering column gives drivers manual gear control at their fingertips to suit their particular driving style.

Supreme confidence

Perfect balance for maximum stability and control

Subaru is renowned for symmetrical engineering. And symmetry means better balance and control. The SUBARU BOXER Engine and Symmetrical AWD platform of Outback is almost perfectly balanced,

which maximises power delivery and performance. This combination delivers exceptional traction on the road, giving the driver full reins of the car under almost every situation imaginable.

Secure packaging

Working in multiple ways to keep you safe

While driving is fun, it must also be safe, and SUBARU engineering ensures that the driver and passengers remain fully cocooned. The Symmetrical AWD platform, low-centre of gravity BOXER engine and VDC work in concert to allow the driver to safely control

the car under almost any conditions, while passenger airbags and the engine's Cradle Mount System, and Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frames all keep occupants protected. This is because SUBARU believes the best way to survive a collision is to avoid one.

Unwind in comfort

A spacious interior for extreme comfort

A great destination can be perfect if the journey there is entertaining, and Outback's spacious cabin is designed with just that in mind. With an interior that has been carefully designed for ample legroom and headroom, generous comfort

and practical functionality are a given in any SUBARU. The lavish seating layout means five adults can relax in style, and with plenty of storage space for outdoor equipment, the journey is bound to be just as exciting as the destination.

All-terrain capability

Take a ride in your getaway opportunity

Whether you need urban efficiency or outdoor capability, Outback delivers it all. Every journey is an adventure with Outback, as it packs flexibility, off-road capability and bold performance each time. And backed with the outstanding

SUBARU BOXER and Symmetrical AWD, the rugged outdoors seems tame like a suburban street, because Outback is built with proven comfort, convenience and engineering you can trust.

The Out Back Boxer Diesel Lineartronic. It's here.