At Subaru, we believe that cars are more than just a means of transportation. To us, cars bring dreams, freedom and fantastic moments to life. And with this comes an overriding responsibility: safeguarding the lives of not only the driver and passengers, but of everyone. That's why there can never be an end to the pursuit and enhancement of safety. Bringing safe mobility to everyone's life is a challenge we embrace every single day. For stress-free driving, our cars offer wide visibility and superior drivability. We have also developed advanced preventive safety technologies to reduce driver errors. Our Symmetrical AWD system assures stable control and peace of mind in all driving conditions including rain and snow. And the Driving Assistance System is another of our advanced technologies for avoiding accidents by actively supporting the driver. But it is not only the driver and passengers that require protection in an accident. Our vehicles set a high standard in protecting pedestrians, too. Higher safety standards to protect all. Stronger cars based on deeper consideration for all people. Subaru safety is centred on people and develops in all directions.