A solid, well-built foundation that says “peace of mind,” fused with a sense of dynamic action that says “enjoyment”. This is the embodiment of a new...


Our design philosophy: Adapting to the
continuously changing environment
while standing firm in rooted values.
Subaru was originally an aerospace manufacturer
in an industry that demands the highest levels
of safety, dynamic performance and efficiency
in packaging.

Intelligent, functional designs needed
to achieve those requirements are the root
of Subaru’s design philosophy.

Exterior Design

Subaru models are designed to achieve the perfect balance
of dynamism and functionality.

Symbolic Face Design

It’s easy to spot a Subaru. Its dynamic, contoured exterior reveals what’s on the inside: the world’s only front-mounted horizontally opposed engine. A hexagonal grille, based on nature’s most stable shape, combined with the signature six-star design puts the Subaru design in a class of its own.

Interior Design

Delivering the highest expression of quality, with boldness and refinement,
our interior design is controlled down to the micron level.
From the immediately apparent leather detailing, to the not so obvious anti-glare detailing, the interior design of a Subaru provides gentle comfort. Moreover, the contoured surface, achieved through the contrast of light and shadow, delivers a sense of spacious relaxation.