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        New Forester expands audience

        Mar 11 , 2008 [Australia]
        Subaru has launched its new generation Forester offering economy, safety, style and All-Wheel Drive fun in a more spacious, high value package.

        The best-selling vehicle in Subaru’s range is expanding its appeal with a striking new look, clever cabin refinements, enhanced efficiency and comfort.

        It is significantly stronger, yet more frugal, offering fuel consumption improvements of up to 7.8 per cent.

        In line with the entire Subaru range, Forester achieves a maximum five-star rating for occupant protection in independent crashworthiness testing by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). It has also gained a three-star pedestrian rating.

        Subaru’s safety commitment is again highlighted by the introduction of standard Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) across the Forester range.

        The Forester’s All-Wheel Drive recreational credentials are underlined by a 20 mm increase in ground clearance, to 220 mm on Forester X and XS, and 225 mm on turbocharged XT.

        Forester X pricing starts from $30,490 recommended retail price.

        Forester’s interior space is greater, with rear occupant access and the cargo area notably enhanced.

        SPORTSHIFT transmissions are standard in all automatic naturally aspirated Foresters.

        The Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) four-cylinder 2.5 litre naturally aspirated horizontally opposed boxer engine in Forester X and XS offers a 4.1 per cent power hike and a 1.3 per cent improvement in torque.

        In the Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) four-cylinder 2.5 litre turbocharged XT, torque kicks in 800 revs lower in the range at 2800 rpm.

        Every Forester engine meets strict European STEP4 emission standards.

        Newly developed double wishbone rear suspension optimizes Forester’s renowned constant AWD handling, while reducing cargo area intrusion, to produce a wider load carrying space with easier access.

        Among new generation Forester highlights:
        - Stylish new design with easier occupant and cargo area access
        - Vehicle Dynamics Control – five-star ANCAP rating
        - Naturally aspirated engines with 4.1 per cent more power, 1.3 per cent more torque
        - Turbo engine torque kicks in 400 rpm earlier for enhanced drivability
        - All engines more fuel efficient – up to 7.8 per cent on manual XT
        - SPORTSHIFT transmissions for all automatic Foresters
        - Active Valve Lift System – naturally aspirated engines; XT with Active Valve Control System
        - Euro STEP4 emission compliant
        - Newly developed double wishbone rear suspension for optimum ride and handling
        - Ground clearance improved to 220 mm - 225 mm on XT
        - Framed doors for enhanced safety and NVH
        - Larger cabin – enhanced comfort – 29 mm more front legroom, 109 mm rear Wider cargo area
        - Significant improvements in NVH
        - Height and telescopic adjustable steering in all Foresters
        - Hill Start Assist (manual variants) – forward and reverse
        - Rear seat recline
        - Innovative centre console with multiple storage configurations
        - Shorter rear overhang
        - Subaru Dynamic Chassis Concept – ride comfort, safety and NVH benefits

        In line with new generation Subarus, framed doors have further refined Forester’s solidity and ride comfort, and contribute to major reductions in NVH.

        Key Subaru priorities of drivability and safety are enhanced by the stiffer chassis.

        Engineers from Subaru Australia and manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries conducted extensive testing of Forester in local conditions to ensure the car’s suitability.

        Forester’s 90 mm longer wheelbase contributes to both its excellent dynamics and spacious cabin.

        Cabin dimensions are increased in the key areas of head, leg and shoulder room.

        Ergonomic advances mean all key controls are within easy reach of the driver.

        Every Forester has steering-wheel audio and cruise control buttons.

        Access to Forester is easier, with wider opening doors, while front and rear seats are redesigned for better support.

        Further improving Forester’s safety, engines sit 10 mm lower in the chassis – despite increased ground clearance - reducing the centre of gravity, benefiting road holding and reducing the risk of vehicle roll-over.

        Nick Senior, Managing Director, Subaru Australia, said: “Forester is the recreational vehicle for those with active lifestyles and in many ways it really is the new style of family car.

        “It appeals to existing customers who still want a vehicle that complements their recreational lifestyle.

        “It is more fuel efficient, offers exceptional safety levels and has a very comfortable yet highly practical cabin that offers a flexible choice of seating and cargo configurations to suit family life.

        “Over the years Forester has become one of Australia’s most awarded cars and with sales of more than 105,000 since 1997, we can only see it growing further – it’s the All-Wheel Drive for the active family life.”

        He added: “Forester has proved itself over 10 years as a rock-solid investment when it comes to reliability, resale value and whole-of-life costs.

        “We anticipate sales of around 1100 per month, about a 10 per cent increase on present.”