Feb 10, 2016

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[Canada] Subaru Canada: Best Mainstream Brand and Winner of Three Segment Awards from ALG

  • - Subaru Canada named Best Mainstream Brand in ALG's 2016 Canadian Residual Value Awards for the second consecutive year.
  • - Subaru also awarded three 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value segment awards: Midsize Utility (2 row) with the Outback, Compact Car with the Crosstrek and Sports Car with the WRX and WRX STI.

(MISSISSAUGA) — Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) is thrilled to be acknowledged as the 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value Awards Best Mainstream Brand and claim three segment awards from ALG, the industry benchmark for residual values and depreciation data. The eighth annual ALG awards honoured 2016 vehicles predicted to hold their value better than any other vehicles in the segment. Winning the Best Mainstream Brand award for the second straight year means that Subaru vehicles retain value better than all other mainstream brands in Canada.

“More mainstream consumers have discovered what fans have known for years: When it comes to low depreciation, high-value performance, road-gripping all-wheel-drive and high residual values, Subaru is the brand of choice,” said Geoff Helby, Canada Regional Director for ALG. “Today, Subaru vehicles feature improved styling, increased space and technology as well as enhanced reliability and safety. High demand for the brand helps sustain record-low inventory and incentive levels within the mainstream sector, which has resulted in unsurpassed leadership in residual value forecasts.”

“Being named Best Mainstream Brand in the 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value Awards for the second consecutive year has great meaning to Subaru and emphasizes what Subaru owners experience for themselves – a Subaru offers excellent value for the money,” said Shiro Ohta, chairman, president, and CEO of Subaru Canada. “When we consider our new ALG acknowledgements and couple it with IHS Automotive: Polk Canada's report that fully 98 percent of all Subaru vehicles sold in Canada over the last 10 years are still on the road today, we get a strong winning combination of durability and reliability.”

For the sixth consecutive year, the Subaru Outback received a Canadian Residual Value Award in the Mid-size Utility Vehicle – 2 Row segment. This is especially notable as ALG's Residual Value Awards have only been announced in Canada for the past eight years.

“Once an anomaly among its competitors, the Outback now embodies what buyers are demanding in the segment: Efficiency, safety and well-behaved on-road dynamics wrapped in an attractive and clean design,” said Geoff Helby, Canada Regional Director for ALG. “Subaru's ability to balance high demand with smart inventory management leads to low incentives that keep residual values for the Outback at the top of the segment.”

After a mild refresh the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek has received the 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value award in the Compact Car segment. This is the first time that the Subaru Crosstrek has been named an ALG segment winner – a strong indication of the brand's commitment to every vehicle through Subaru's product portfolio being competitive in the marketplace and showcasing underlying value.

“The Crosstrek takes the rich pedigree of a Subaru economy car and combines it with rugged styling to create a vehicle unlike any other in the Compact segment,” said Geoff Helby, Canada Regional Director for ALG. “The result of unique design and capability pushes the Subaru Crosstrek to the top of the Compact segment winning its first ALG Residual Value Award for 2016.”

In the hotly contested Sports Car segment, the Subaru WRX and WRX STI offer thrilling performance, year-round versatility, Subaru dependability as well as a very appealing entry price. These attributes help the WRX and WRX STI take home top honours as Best Sports Car for the fifth time in eight years.

“Subaru's strong brand perception and long-standing reputation as one of the leaders in turbo-charged performance vehicles has positioned the WRX as the best choice for consumers looking for the perfect blend of performance and safety,” said Geoff Helby, Canada Regional Director for ALG. “For a new generation of performance enthusiasts nothing compares to the raw power and gripping all-wheel-drive of the Subaru WRX.”

The annual ALG Canada Residual Value Awards recognize automakers' outstanding achievements for vehicles that are predicted to retain the highest percentage of their original price after a three-year period for luxury brands and a four-year period for mainstream brands. Awards are given in 27 vehicle categories and also for the two brands with the highest overall predicted residual values among all mainstream and premium vehicles. This year's awards are based on 2016 model year vehicles.

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