Apr 11, 2013

Worldwide News

[Australia] Eyesight™ Passes 100,000 Sales In Japan

Subaru has achieved accumulated sales in Japan of more than 100,000 cars equipped with the EyeSight™ driver assist system.

106,735 EyeSight™models had been sold by the end of March.

The original version of the advanced driving assist system was introduced in May 2010.

In Japan, as much as 70 per cent of Legacy, Impreza, Forester and Exiga models sold now feature EyeSight™. More than 88 per cent of Foresters sold there now have the system.

EyeSight™uses stereo camera technology to detect objects in front of the car, such as pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

Features include Pre-Collision Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The system has been praised in Japan for its user-friendliness, superior functions and affordability.