Subaru acquired ISO14001 certification at all offices in Japan, including the head office, by fiscal 2004, while Subaruís overseas affiliated companies, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA), Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) and Robin Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. (RMI), acquired integrated certification in fiscal 2006. Additionally, Hokuriku Subaru Corporation, one of Subaruís domestic dealers, also acquired ISO14001 certification, bringing the number of certified Subaru distributors in Japan to seven. We also conduct an environmental audit regularly every year to measure the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.

        SIA, Subaruís plant that produces completed vehicles in America, acquired ISO14001 certification in November of 1998, the first such certification throughout the Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) Group and even earlier than the Gunma Manufacturing Division in Japan, which acquired the same certification in March of 1999. All five affiliates (SIA, SOA, RMI, SCI, SRD) have now acquired ISO14001 certification, beginning with RMI in 2003, the year the North American Environmental Committee was established, and ending with SRD in 2005. Moreover, SIA, SOA and RMI achieved the integrated ISO14001 certification on December 21, 2006 as an advanced initiative. The achievement is highly valued by the registration agency for two reasons. The first is that they combine several different companies under a single environmental management system, while secondly, the system applies a corporate-wide approach to the organisation of manufacturing facilities, sales companies, administrative offices, distribution warehouses, and technician training centres.

        SIA = Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.; SOA = Subaru of America, Inc.; RMI = Robin Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.; SCI = Subaru Canada, Inc.; SRD = Subaru Research & Development, Inc.